A tribute to the teachers and their lofty mission

With the beginning of the new academic year

A tribute to the teachers and their lofty mission:

With the beginning of the new academic year, we wish all our teachers a year entitled excellence and giving at the educational level and the federal organization to make the educational process a success that serves the aspirations of students and their families, and to receive an education that enhances their personality, by adhering to the aims of the Federation to make proposals for the development of educational and educational work as a productive work, participating in the development of the competence and responses of students, encouraging creative initiatives, intellectual talents and competencies among students and instilling national values in them.

At the level of the federal system, the teachers take care of the material, moral, health, social and cultural interests and protect them, defend their rights and ensure that they fulfil their duties.

In the past phase, the Federation has worked to put in place appropriate funding to achieve these objectives through the establishment of the surgical operations fund, increasing the rate of compensation, contracting doctors and hospitals, issuing federal cards, contributing to some projects that will strengthen services for teachers, defending the rights of teachers, responding to requests made to the Federation and discussing them with stakeholders, and conducting a series of meetings at the General Union level to discuss the conditions and difficulties faced by teachers in terms of education, social and economic conditions

At the level of strengthening internal relations and coordination, the Federation held several meetings with the Education Authority to coordinate action and held meetings at all organizational levels with a view to communicating the voice of the teacher to be active in and involved in educational decision-making. At the regional and international coordination level, the Federation continued with a number of federal organizations such as the Union of Teachers of Germany and Britain and the Middle East Coordinator of the World Teachers Union in order to benefit from regional and international experience

Within the available means, we promise our teachers to work to develop the organizational and service aspects by intensifying meetings, introducing the Federation, developing the surgical fund, creating new funds, providing material advances to teachers and overcoming shortcomings, which have led to the failure to achieve the objectives in the desired form. We also call for transparent coordination between all institutions directly involved in the educational process, on the one hand, on the other, and on the reasons for the weakness of the strategy, and on the other

Also emphasize the provision of a safe and comfortable environment for the teacher and those involved in the educational process and emphasize the increase in wages for teachers, the establishment of the nature of the work, the establishment of projects that alleviate the economic burden of the teacher and the provision of school supplies in a timely manner, and the emphasis on treating the teacher in a manner appropriate to his social standing, once again we wish our teachers and our public teacher full of giving befitting the giving of the martyrs who sacrificed their blood to rise to the beacon of science in our schools.

Union of Teachers of Northern and Eastern Syria


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