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Afrin Teachers Union (Shahba) was established in 2012

n coordination with the Kurdish Language Foundation (SZK),


Afrin Teachers Union (Shahba) was established in 2012

In coordination with the Kurdish Language Foundation (SZK), where the teachers included themselves within and including political committees

  1. Relations Committee

  2. Finance Committee

  3. Services Committee

  4. Mentors Committee

Its first conference was in 2013 in the presence of a group of teachers, and it continued its work until 2015 with the Kurdish Language Foundation.

In the seventh month of 2017, the union organized itself within the tev-dem unions

It continued its work until January 20, 2018, from the start of the attacks by the Turkish occupation state on the Afrin organization, and the work of the union was suspended for ten months.

After the fourth conference of the Democratic Society Movement, work began at the beginning of 2019, when the organizational office of the Democratic Society Movement restructured the union again, as a preparatory committee was formed to restructure the teachers’ union.

And the election of a joint presidency and activated committees in the first expanded meeting on 15/1/2022, in the presence of school representatives and teachers.

The number of members affiliated with the Federation is (1116) members



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